Tigo Hunduras 60 min Pinless Plan

New Pinless 60 min Plan for Honduras

Now, Tigo to offers a new plan for Honduras! New Pinless 60 min Plan for Honduras • $5 Tigo Honduras 60 Min

What is it?

The new Tigo Honduras 60 min Pinless plans allows customers to have a specific amount of minutes to call any Tigo Honduras landline or Cell.

Plan Details

Plan Details:
• 60 minutes of calling
• Plan is for a 1 Day period
• Renewable*
• Minutes can rollover when renewing**
• Call mobiles & landlines
• Any Tigo Honduras phone
* as many times as you like
**as long as the current plan hasn’t expired yet

How does it work?

Proprietary & Confidential 5 Similar to BR Unlimited, customers can add the Tigo Honduras 60 minute plan to their Pinless Per Minute account. When they dial their local access number and call a Tigo Honduras phone, the system will recognize their account and not charge any additional fees.

Keep in mind

• They need to have a Pinless account – if not, one will
be created for new customers with a Free $1
• They cannot have both Unlimited and the Tigo Honduras
60 minute Plan
• Customers can purchase Tigo after their Unlimited plan
expires and vice versa
• If a customer wants to renew their plan and they have
unused minutes from the original plan- The unused
minutes will be rolled over to the new plan as long as
the plan is renewed before it expires


Q. What does the plan offer?
A. The Tigo Honduras 1 day offers 60 minutes for only $5.
Q. Can a customer use the Per Minute Pinless service in addition to having the Tigo Honduras 60 min plan?
A. Yes, they can have both – a Per Minute Pinless service and a Tigo Honduras 60 min Plan.
Q. Can a customer have both the Unlimited Plan and the Tigo Honduras 60 minute plan?
A. No, they can only have one.
Q. Do the plans expire?
A. The 1 Day Tigo Honduras Plan is valid for 1 day.
Q. Can I call any number in Honduras?
A. You can call any Tigo mobile or landline in Honduras.
Q. Is the plan refundable?
A. If a customer bought one of the plans, it has been less than 24 hours and they have not used it, they are able to
refund it.
Q. Can customers share the plans with other registered numbers?
A. No, only the main number can use the plans.
Q. What if a customer renewsthe plan and carries over minutes but only used 5 minutes of the old plan, Can they
refund the newplan?
A. No regardlessif the minutes were rolled over or not, the plan is not refundable once used.
Q. Is this plan eligible for auto-renew?
A. No.
Q. How are the calls made?
A. The customer would call as they normally would by calling their local access numberand following the directions.
Q. Does the customer need a Per Minute plan in order to have Tigo Honduras 60 minute Plan?
A. Yes, Tigo Honduras 60 minute plan is an upgrade to the Pinless Per Minute plan. If the customer does not have a Per
Minute plan one will be created for them for free and they will receive the free $1. Even though the client will have the
Per Minute plan they are not forcedto use it.

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